Travelling with children

Travelling with a family? We would like to make it easy for you to the maximum possible level and in accordance with regulations of the relevant airline partner.

Baby carriages

Airport Bratislava offers its passengers the option to take a collapsible baby carriage to as far as the aircraft, where it will be loaded to the hold area of the aeroplane in order to protect it from damage. Baby carriages need to be registered when purchasing the air ticket and usually, airlines do not include them in the weight limit on checked baggage.

Mother and child room

Mothers travelling with their children at Bratislava airport can use the dedicated mother and children rooms, where they can change or feed their children in comfort before flying.

The rooms are equipped with basins and a shower, a toilet, changing table and bottle-heating and food-heating equipment. The rooms are available in the Departures terminal, in both the public and the non-public areas near the toilets, as well as in the Arrivals terminals.

Children’s play area

Before departure, your children can play under your supervision in the children’s play area in the Schengen and the Non-schengen departure terminal.