Every air carrier has its own rules regarding the transport of baggage (the so-called Conditions of Carriage, which include individual weight and dimension limits for hand baggage, as well as checked baggage), which in some cases might differ greatly, so make sure you always check this information properly before buying your air ticket.

Passengers are advised to include insurance of baggage in their complete travel insurance package and to pack all valuables such as jewellery, cameras, cash and notebooks into their hand baggage, as the majority of airlines are not liable for these items in hold (checked) baggage. We also advice passengers to choose the appropriate type of suitcase or bag to protect their baggage from damage or unlawful handling and to protect their baggage with travel locks or protective foil.

Baggage trolleys

You can use baggage trolleys at Bratislava Airport free of charge. You will find them by the entrance to the Departures terminal, at the parking lot and in the area of the Arrivals terminals.

Baggage wrapping 

Baggage wrapping at the airport is provided by external company Wrappoint, located near check-in counters in the Departures terminal.  This service is available
2 hours before every flight during summer season and can be paid for on the spot.

Lost and found baggage

The basic rule in the event of lost, damaged or stolen baggage is to notify any relevant Lost and Found office or Baggage Claim Office immediately after arrival and to file a written report in writing about the situation, the so-called PIR (Property Irregularity Report). Claims are handled directly by the airline company, if it has representation at the airport, or sometimes by its handling partner, whose rights and competence fall strictly under the guidelines of individual airport companies.

If passengers need to change flights multiple times, we strongly recommend to them to divide their necessary things equally between their hand and checked baggage (medication, hygienic items, toys for children, etc.).

Lost and Found

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