Basic information

Obligations of persons participating in air transport
pursuant to Section 36 of Act 143 on Civil Aviation:
  • In order to protect civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference, persons involved in air transport are obliged to submit to personal inspections and inspections of transported goods in accordance with the requirements of the persons performing such inspections.
  • Interested parties who refuse to submit to the checks referred to in paragraph 1 shall be excluded from carriage by air without the right for a refund of their air ticket or any adjacent costs.

Please follow these steps when going through the security screening:

  • place your hand luggage on the sliding carousel,
  • unpack all transported liquids, pastes, gels, baby food,
  • if you are transporting personal computer, camera, or larger electronics, remove them from the bag and place them separately in the designated crate,
  • take off the upper layers of clothing such as a coat, jacket, etc.,
  • take off your belt and watch,
  • take out all items from the pockets such as handkerchiefs, documents, wallet, keys, coins, mobile phone ...,
  • when prompted, go through the transition metal detector,
  • follow the further instruction of the screening officer.

From the 1st September 2015 extended EU Commission regulations on security with regard to the control of explosives have come into force at European airports and hence also at Bratislava Airport. When going through the regular security check, some passengers will, in addition, be swiped by special samplers on their hand luggage with inclusion of its content, on clothing, on belt, on hands or on other stuff. Gathered samples will be subjected to additional checks. Taking of samples have no influence on passenger’s health.

Strict rules still apply at all EU airports with regards to the transport of liquids, aerosols, and gels in hand baggage. Passengers are prohibited from bringing into dedicated security areas, as well as on board of aircraft firearms and their replicas, incapacitating instruments, explosive and flammable substances, sharp objects, tradesman’s tools and blunt objects, which have the potential to cause considerable injury.

The prohibited items list is for information purposes only. Security control personnel have the right to refuse to let some objects, which might raise rightful suspicion about their possible misuse and may endanger the safety of a civil flight on board.